Advantages of dental porcelain

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What are the types of porcelain teeth

In life, there are many beauty lovers whose teeth are damaged due to aging and other reasons, which affects their own dietary problems. Therefore, these beauty lovers want to improve this problem by doing porcelain dental technology. At present, there are many types of porcelain teeth, such as all-ceramic porcelain teeth, precious metal porcelain teeth and pure titanium porcelain teeth, etc. Different types of porcelain teeth surgery have different advantages, so beauty lovers should focus on their own The specific situation to choose the appropriate porcelain dental material.

There are many types of porcelain teeth, the common ones are non-precious metal porcelain teeth, pure titanium porcelain teeth, zirconia all-ceramic teeth, and precious metal porcelain teeth. You can choose the most suitable porcelain dental material according to your own economic conditions.

Porcelain teeth are produced in a dental laboratory, technician use professional laboratory equipment and tools, porcelain materials together to fabricate the customized porcelain denture. One of the necessary equipment is the dental lab steam cleaner, it helps to remove and clean the denture surface debris, and restore a natural shinning effect.

Advantages of porcelain dental surgery:

  1. The compatibility of this operation is relatively good, under normal circumstances, it will not cause relatively deep damage to the teeth and gums, and the phenomenon of postoperative sequela is relatively small;
  2. Under normal circumstances, porcelain teeth can be made in about a week. Generally, only one preparation and one installation are required, so it will not have much impact on the normal work and life of beauty lovers;
  3. Although you can’t chew too hard food after porcelain dental surgery, if you chew normal food, it will not collapse;
  4. Porcelain teeth are relatively thin and generally do not appear black, bleeding and red and swollen gums;

In fact, there are many materials about porcelain teeth, and the specific conditions of the oral cavity of beauty lovers are different, and the suitable porcelain teeth materials are also different, so it is recommended that you go to a regular dental hospital for surgery as much as possible. Porcelain dental materials and high-level doctors can recommend suitable porcelain dental materials according to the oral condition of beauty lovers, so that the recipient can get an ideal porcelain dental effect.

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