Get a brighter smile with professional teeth-whitening.

Get a brighter smile with professional teeth-whitening. post thumbnail image

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy appearance isn’t a simple job. From the foods we consume to natural aging that occurs over time, there’s a continuous process of wear and staining in our daily lives. Acidic, sugary, and dark-colored substances we consume can have a negative impact on our dental health of ours.

The dentine layer gets thinner with time, this may cause them to appear worse as well as being less overall healthy. Regular maintenance is essential to maintain our dental health, however maintaining a white, healthy smile is possible with a little assistance.

Teeth whitening is the most common procedure for the Best Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla. It has the power to give your smile the most attractive.

Teeth Whitening Services:

The general procedure for the process of teeth bleaching is quite easy. Most of the time staining is broken down into smaller pieces by using peroxide or other methods. The result is that the color of your teeth is less intense and creates a more radiant appearance.

The majority of yellowing dental issues can be treated with this method However, not every situation is that easy. The damaged teeth are more difficult or ineffective at being treated, and some procedures like crowns, fillings, and veneers cannot be whitened.

Best Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla, the majority of teeth-whitening treatments fall into two types. There are two types of whitening “at-home” as well as “in-office” teeth whitening. The result of either option is the appearance of a more white and pleasing smile, however, there are some key distinctions.

Whitening at home

This technique is more efficient. There are several alternatives available over-the-counter for teeth whitening kits however, visiting a dentist gives you the best experience. Our system utilizes a custom tray that fits comfortably into the mouth and is ready for you to take at home.

The trays come with white gel that can be worn for a short time at any time of the day. You could even wear the trays to rest. The procedure should take less than two weeks. Additionally, we provide an esthetic gel specifically designed for people who have sensitive teeth, to prevent any irritation that is not needed.

Whitening in-office

The advantage of office whitening could be that the procedure can be accomplished in just one visit. Utilizing the most sophisticated technologies for whitening, you will obtain satisfactory results without the need to wear trays for whitening over the course of a long time. This method is less efficient, however, we also offer a custom at-home tray for the treatments to help you polish your smile whenever you want.

Teeth Benefits of Whitening

The process of whitening has been refined over the decades. Treatments are secured to stop any harm to the oral cavity and the results are guaranteed. Technology advancements have made the process quicker and affordable for those who want their teeth to appear at their most attractive. When performed by a trained professional the process can be a secure and safe way to get an appearance that you are happy and more at ease with.

Certain people might experience minor discomfort due to tooth sensitivity. This occurs when the peroxide present in the whitener is able to pass into the tooth enamel and into the dentin. The tooth’s nerve is affected, which results in an occasional stinging sensation.

Although it will only last just a few minutes and you can stop treatment for a short period and then try it again to prevent this. The use of too much whitener can damage the gums or enamel therefore it’s essential to follow the instructions. You are welcome to share any discomfort or worries with your dentist since the procedure should be an enjoyable and pain-free experience.

In the dental practice of Dr.Weston, Our expertise in cosmetic surgical, general, and cosmetic dentistry has helped us become among the top dental healthcare providers for more than 20 years. Visit us at this link to find out more information about our services and make an appointment now.

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