Quip, an Unbiased Review From a Hygienist

Quip, an Unbiased Review From a Hygienist post thumbnail image

If you’re listening to radio shows, podcasts, or social media, I’m sure that you’ve heard the commercials for this Quip toothbrush review. Perhaps you’re wondering whether the toothbrush can actually improve your dental hygiene.

With the slogan “when your mind is occupied by a healthy mouth consider Quip,” the Quip toothbrush was asked for an honest review by dental hygiene professional. Hello, my name is Katie and I am a dental hygienist working in Utah’s Salt Lake City area for Legacy Dental.

As a dentist who is practicing, I’m familiar with the various dental equipment available and how they compare to one another. I’ve tried Quip the Quip for six months and the overall experience is that I am in love with it. I even utilize it regularly. Do you think it is superior to another electronic toothbrush? In other words, if we look at Quip over Sonicare I’d claim it is. Sonicare is the absolute winner.

There are many factors that influence the choice of one over the other such as features vs. price and compatibility with our present way of life, lifestyle, etc. We’ll examine whether Quip could replace your regular dental cleaning and check-ups, dental flossing or can it aid in achieving natural white snow-white teeth. However, let me return to tell you more about the Quip toothbrush.

How Quip Does It Work?

Quip is an electric toothbrush that is a subscription company. When you sign to Quip you will receive an initial set of brush, cover/handle as well as batteries and instructions. Based on studies the electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual toothbrush in eliminating stains and plaques.

A few months later a brand new brush head and battery are sent out immediately. Quip has practically made it automatic to remind you to replace your toothbrush regularly.

Dentist reviews, Quip electric Toothbrush


I was able to purchase a Quip toothbrush, just like the rest of us, online using their latest buyer’s link on their site. It was easy and quick to grasp. I also liked that I was not bound to continue my membership after a specific period of time, and could decide to cancel at any time I wanted. It was simple and easy, to begin with, like different dental benefits plans!

The Initial Opinion of Design

My toothbrush was delivered just a few weeks after I was immediately impressed by the quality and modern aesthetic of the box. It includes a toothbrush holder that is designed to be affixed to a mirror. This accessory also functions as an extra cover for traveling. The design and holder of the brush are slim, sleek, and contemporary cylindrical. I picked a handle made of gold however, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

I also love the fact that the brush is powered by a battery. No more cords taking up countertop space!

First Use Judgment

I was too eager to wait until nighttime to apply it and so I brushed at lunchtime; extra dental hygiene is never a bad thing, right? While I’m a teacher of how to brush teeth for a living, and also how to prevent losing teeth I read through Quips toothbrush review guidelines. I was a bit confused by the instructions in the pictures Quip gives about how they recommend using their brush. It was difficult to determine whether I was supposed to move the brush with the brush’s vibrating or simply put the brush in my mouth. I simply did what felt comfortable.

The brush produces a haptic sound each 30-second interval, which means it is clear when to shift towards the second quadrant. In all the brush runs for 2 minutes, and then turns off automatically after it has finished. I like the timer function. It is a resemblance to the plan and schedule for general dental cleaning and check-ups.

Three Months of Quip

Learning to Brush

I found that Quip isn’t vibrating fast enough to scrub my teeth effectively if kept on my teeth. I was also afraid to use it to clean my teeth for fear that the vibration would be too harsh on my gums. After about a month of trying my best, I’ve figured out an alternate method of brushing lightly and accompanied by the vibrating of the brush. Is it how Quip suggests to do it but no. However, I believe that it is more effective and I have a cleaner mouth without harming my gums. If you feel uncomfortable regarding gum, make sure you visit your dentist to get a checkup.

Automatic Refill

After three months, and as promised, a brand new brush head, along with the battery was sent to me via mail. The bristles had begun to wear out about a week before it arrived. This may have also affected the texture of my tooth.

It was nice not having the thought of when I should replace my brushes, and have them delivered automatically.

The only issue with the refill brush was trying to take the old head off. The directions on the image, aren’t enough, and I thought I was likely to break the brush in order to remove the old brush head off.

It’s been six months of continuous use of this Quip toothbrush. Quip is the Quip firm that has taken all the guesswork out of my brushing. The mirror is looking at me, ensuring that I make sure I brush. It is timed which means I know that I’m doing enough brushing. I don’t need to think about when it’s time to change the bristles. In all of these ways, I still utilize it.

My sole suggestion or additional suggestion is to ensure that you are cleaning your teeth with care. Too aggressive, and I believe it can harm gums. Inability to adapt or make small movements of sweeping across the gum line and I’m not convinced it could clean your gums sufficiently.

For kids or those who do not have the ability to brush on their own, I’d still suggest something that performs better by sticking the brush on your teeth, such as Sonicare.


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